Maradona is a Production House based in Cairo, Egypt
The main scope of our work is mostly centered on advertising, in all its genres.
We also produce music videos, documentaries, branded content, graphics | animation videos, and photo-shoots.
We carry out all post-production work (voiceover, editing, grading, etc.).


Maradona’s power in the market is that the owners are themselves the producers on the ground.
We care about our work so much that we do it ourselves.

We do not hire freelancers to do the work, nor do we leave it to the team to carry out the jobs.
We have our very own experienced team and our very own way of work.

Having Micheal and Rasha involved in the entire production operation boosts the whole process and saves the production from any bugs that might occur.

We are always steps ahead when it comes to locations. We have a specialized team that is always digging for new locations.
We not only have access to the locations that all the industry uses; we also have our very own locations and resources that make every film unique in its own way.

We are very approachable, punctual, and responsive.
Rest assured that you will have an instant response 24–7 to any requests and a fully devoted team that works ahead of schedule.


Maradona is extremely well connected with all crew members in the business, which makes it easy to get high-ranked crew on board.

In addition, being in this industry for so long has given us the chance to work with everyone. This affects our choice of whom to recommend and whom to sidestep. Not everything we hear is true. When it comes to judging someone’s work, truth lies in the experience.

So we will always share with you our personal on-the-ground experience when you have inquiries about crew names. If they are not good enough for the job, we will always communicate this fairly and recommend suitable options.


This is the usual question we hear from everyone and no wonder why!

We chose Maradona for three reasons:
It’s a name that no one can pronounce wrongly, no matter what language they speak.
It’s a non-cinematic name—Apple is a tech company, but it’s named after an apple!
Maradona is a super-talented player, and so are we!


Egypt is always a good idea—a remarkable experience in so many ways.
Egypt is charismatic and charming. As a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, it generates special inspiration in filmmakers.
The infinite diversity of locations boosts the look of each film. One of the top reasons for shooting in Egypt is that the country can be experienced anytime during the year.
Egypt is considered the most production-friendly country in the Middle East and Africa because of its locations and crew.
Our jam-packed streets offer thought-provoking thoughts to directors.
Along with its history and cultural heritage, Egypt also offers extremely modern, contemporary, and top-notch locations.


Maradona is always a good idea

Egypt is so unique when it comes to locations, cast, and, of course, budgets. This makes it always the first choice for many productions. 

If you want to experience a professional shoot in Egypt, 

we always have a genuine will to provide a quality experience across the project.


We have contributed to numerous production service jobs. 

This makes the process extremely friendly and smooth, as we know how to offer the most appropriate solutions for each job based on its particular circumstances.

One hundred percent of the jobs we get are based on “word of mouth,“ and that’s what matters most. 

When in doubt, people ask the ones they trust. It’s a great satisfaction for us always to be the first recommendation for all production service jobs in Egypt.

reasons why we are so trusted; 

The founders are themselves, producers, on the ground, which enriches the entire process and leads to high-end production.

Being responsive and devoted to deadlines is an advantage that we count on.

Our positive energy and manageable production solutions make you feel safe and in good hands.

The custom-made budgets created for each job requirement are a great source of satisfaction for our clients.


Our cozy office makes you always feel at home. It’s a positive environment for holding meetings and being productive after a long scouting and prep day.

Don’t worry! We know where to take you. All you have to do is tell us when.

Send us an email, and we’ll get in touch.


The crew is a crucial factor in why people choose to shoot in Egypt.
We have the leading names in the Middle East in all departments.
We also have a wide-ranging variety to choose from.
Whatever your budget is, you can always get a professional, talented crew on board.
The key crew members are experienced and extremely qualified to work with foreign crew members.
Egypt is recognized for having a large number of people on set.
The thing that makes the pace of work faster, allowing it to run 24/7.


Along with its history and cultural heritage,
Egypt offers exceptionally modern, contemporary, and top-notch locations.
Shooting in Egypt is a unique and remarkable experience.
Because of Egypt's geographic location, you can always quickly achieve the desired look for your film.
Egypt is charismatic and charming in many ways. Its diverse nature effortlessly inspires filmmakers. Its jam-packed streets provoke the thoughts of directors.
The locations' infinite diversity enhances the look of each film and makes Egypt one of the most production-friendly countries in the Middle East and Africa.
One of the top reasons for shooting in Egypt is that the country can be experienced anytime during the year.
Shooting in Egypt is not only good at the professional level.
You will also enjoy your stay in the sleepless city.
Egypt is considered to be the most tourist-friendly country in the Middle East and Africa because of its travel-friendly environment and great hospitality.
You must have heard about the food and shisha.
Imagine taking a felucca in the great weather. And the nightlife is worth the experience!
The mix of cultural heritage and superb hospitality will make sure you fall in love with the city.
No matter where you come from, you will always feel at home.


Casting is considered a main factor why people consider Egypt for Filming.
the variety of looks we have in Egypt is incredible; the natural talent and sense of humor is like nowhere else
the geographical variation Egypt have provides different faces,
each is unique on its own
you will have the very authentic look, the ultra-modern look, and the local look
all that you dream of in terms of look & acting is very accessible and easy to achieve.

Acting skills are highly-ranked in Egypt.
Ordinary people are capable of giving all needed reactions effortlessly.

Egypt will be giving you a perfect time when it comes to talents.


An Egyptian visa is given on arrival for people from most countries. That always makes it a top choice.


Permits in Egypt are fast for Egyptians. It takes longer when the director or DOP are foreigners.



Regardless of the situation,
you will always be cheered up by the locals.
It doesn’t matter if you are lost or trying to find a restaurant, the locals will always be there to guide and encourage you, and you will never be worried.
All Egyptians have a wonderful nature with a welcoming heart.
The people are so welcoming and warm that they will even welcome you into their houses, and you will get to see Egypt through their eyes. Their unique nature will make you want to come back again and again to visit this wonderful land.


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